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Monday, August 25, 2008

Swinburne Sarawak Graduation 2008

It's me, CCF! ^^

holding the scroll

2007's January batch boys taking photo with Betsy.

Taib and was conferred the degree of Doctor of the University (DUniv) honoris causa. Right is the Chancellor of SUTS, Bill Scales.

During the ceremony

Friends we met the first when we were in kuching. From the left is Ah boon (Michael), Ting Ting, Kelly and me.

Flowers and gifts selling outside the DUN.

It was a memorable event of Swinburne Sarawak graduation day on 25th August 2008. It was such an important day for me that I slept and woke up earlier than usual. Guess what time I woke up!....... It was about 6am. As usual, brushing my teeth and washing my face after wake up from the sleep. After that, I started doing my "make-up" and wear up my formal attire. Everything can be said to be new, except the long sleeve! haha... Waiting my friend to come and pick me up after finished doing my "make-up". My friend picked me up at about 7.30am and headed to the campus to pick another friend up. Right after, we straight headed to the Banquet Hall at State Legislative Assembly Complex (DUN). It was a morning again, traffic jam is inescapable for everyone who is going out. So, we used the bridge to across the river and being charged RM 1.5o for the across of each car. We reached there at about 8 am. Wow... there was so many graduans, staffs, relatives and friends of the graduans coming to the ceremony. Such a big and proud day that everyone brought camera to take the photos during the ceremony. With a nice music that started the procession of the ceremony. The doors were opened and graduands walked into the hall at the beginning. After that, is the turn of lecturers and YAB with the accompanied by the Chancellor, Bill Scales processioning into the hall. Then, started the ceremony with the singing of Malaysia and Australia national anthems. Followed by the prayer lit by an Islamic man. After that, speech by Taib and was conferred the degree of Doctor of the University (DUniv) honoris causa. 450 graduands were then received their scrolls from Taib in postgraduate, undergraduate, foundation and diploma programmes. The whole ceremony ended at about 12.15pm with the refreshment served after. That ended the ceremony and claimed our certificate in the university. This was a big day for us, just a foundation, but not our bachelor degree graduation. So, no quatet cap, so sad, just wearing a simple regalia! But, never mind, do it step by step, and will get it in three and a half more years time if everything goes smooth.



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